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my grades are worse than sasuke’s life decisions.

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motoki haruna | ep 8

Song: Battlecry
Artist: Nujabes
Album: Samurai Champloo
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Battlecry - Nujabes

Anime: Samurai Champloo


Night Fury doodles



fourangers replied to your post “fourangers replied to your post “so i’m going to germany in september…”

Aw well…unless you live there for over 5 years or so, it’s impossible to erase your accent. Sometimes it’s not even enough. If you’re able to communicate, that’s all that matters. No worries, anyone suffers a lil anxiety in this situation.

well it’s not that i want to get rid of my accent, it’s just…i butcher words because i can’t say them right, and my german friends make fun of me for that >_> thank you though!

prayer circle that i get sasuke’s birthday chapter for “cliche” done by his actual birthday

fourangers replied to your post “so i’m going to germany in september [[MOR](recently decided from…”

wooooooooow!!! Congratulations! I hope you’ll love visiting those countries and studying there! I don’t think you’ll have a lot of problem though, isn’t German similar to English somehow?

ah not studying, just visiting someone very important. they’ve actually come to visit me from germany twice and so now i’m returning the favor. and it has some similarities, because the english language is derived from it, but otherwise it’s kind of a nightmare to learn and i suck at accents

myrandomnesslife replied to your post “so i’m going to germany in september [[MOR](recently decided from…”

I hope that it makes you happier. Having anxiety sucks and it’s no fun.

thank you, and i know! hopefully this experience will help me grow out of it

so i’m going to germany in september

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lausagi wanted a comic of levi helping his commander getting up in the morning…… in heaven ˘‿˘

» commission info 


this comment makes me so happy